1/22 @ Grizzly’s – Stratton VT

We’ll be Monking it up at Grizzly’s down in Stratton on Friday, 1/22, for those of you who enjoy multiple forms of shred (get it…?).  Here’s the event page on their site.  Looks like they’ve got a video with some imposters on there! jk, we’re sure they are lovely people who have great musical tastes.  But just for accuracy, here’s us doing Freedom, so you can prepare yourselves to rock out with us.


Township Rebellion @ Nectars

Here’s another track from the Monk at Nectar’s!  This is one of our all-time favorites to play: Township Rebellion.  We had our main man Justus Gaston (Sad Turtle, The Mountain Says No, Wave of the Future) doing a team-lift on the guitars for this show.  Gotta love the Burlington music fam…

Greetings, humans!

In case you couldn’t tell from the banner, we are Burning Monk, a tribute group playing the brutally funky tunes of Rage Against the Machine!  We are based out of Burlington, VT , and enjoy whipping a crowd into a righteous frenzy with concrete rhythms, super-sonic solos, and the all of those grizzly and prescient lyrics from back when MTV was legit. We want you to come rock out with us.  Stay tuned…